Management of CZARMA

The key bodies of the association are the seven-member Board and the five-member Supervisory Board. CZARMA management members were elected at the members' meeting on September 7, 2022.

  • Ida Součková Olšová, Chair
  • Tomáš Mozga, Vice-chair
  • Lenka Chvojková,
  • Adéla Jiroudková,
  • Jan Ostřížek,
  • Hana Štěpánková,
  • Petra Vaculíková.
Supervisory board:
  • Michal Hojdekr, Chair
  • Michaela Ambrožová, 
  • Eva Dvořáková, 
  • Karolína Friessová,
  • Veronika Palečková. 
Working groups chairs:
  • Radka Preclíková (Professional development)
  • Ladislav Čoček (Projects)
  • Lenka Chvojková (Finance)
  • Michal Hlavačka (Legal management)
  • Lukáš Palko (Research politika)
  • Tomáš Mozga (Human Resources)
  • Blanka Collins (Mobility)
  • Gabriela Langhammerová (Gender in research)
  • Jiří Marek (Open Science)
  • Dagmar Vokounová Franzeová (Science Communication)
  • Zdenka Žampachová (Ethics)
  • Ondřej Hradil (Research infrastructure)
  • Michal Petr (Research evaluation)


Ida Součková-Olšová, Chair

Tomáš Mozga, Vice-Chair

Lenka Chvojková

Adéla Jiroudková

Jan Ostřížek

Hana Štěpánková

Petra Vaculíková

Supervisory board

Michal Hojdekr

Michaela Ambrožová

Eva Dvořáková

Karolína Friessová

Veronika Palečková

More about people in CZARMA

Ida Součková Olšová has experience from various types of organizations - from state administration and local government, multinational companies to foreign universities to her current position at Masaryk University (MU). She has been involved in research projects and project support since 2012. Since this time the MU Rector's office managed to build a team of experienced experts on a wide range of research funding options. She is Chair of the Research Management Task Force within the Utrecht Network and is responsible for organizing REGON (Regional Grant Office Network) meetings from 2020.

Tomáš Mozga is a founding member of CZARMA. He studied molecular biology and genetics at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno. After spending five years in Uppsala, Sweden (2011-2016), he returned to the Czech Republic with the aim of developing the field of science project management and helping scientists prepare, submit and implement research projects. He has experience with ERC, EIC, EMBO, H2020, HE, MSCA, TAČR, GAČR, AVČR, MPO, MŠMT, OPVVV and scholarship projects. His hobby is mentoring active and creative students, leading courses in project management, professional development of scientific careers and international mobility, integration of expats and supporting the establishment of new research groups in the Czech Republic.

Lenka Chvojková is the National Contact Point (NCP) for financial issues of EU framework programs. She works in the TC Praha, where she is responsible for the coordination of activities in the field of financial, legal and administrative aspects of EU framework programs. She also worked for a year at the Czech Liaison Office for Research and Development in Brussels. She has been active in the field of project support since 2007. She was at the start of the working group of financial and project managers of universities and institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. She is the manager of a project focused on the cooperation of European National Contact Points and an expert of the EC Working Group for a model grant agreement.

Adéla Jiroudková works as the Head of the Department for Science and Research at Charles University (CUNI). Over the past 10 years, she has participated in various foreign workshops, continued her education and completed several internships at prestigious foreign universities. She considers her stay at KU Leuven (Netherlands) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) as be essential. She is an active member in various university associations, in the past she was, for example, the vice-chair of the Research Support Officers Coimbra Group and was a member of the group that prepared a position paper for the European Commission on the new Horizon Europe framework program. At the CUNI, she was involved in the implementation of the HR Award and the Gender Equality Plan.

Jan Ostřížek has been involved in research and other projects, and in the project support since 2008. He currently works for the research center RECETOX of Masaryk University, where he deals mainly with the preparation of strategic, individual and infrastructure projects. He is the coordinator of the ERA Chair project, participates in the implementation of the Teaming project and in the preparation and implementation of the EIRENE Research Infrastructure. Currently, he serves as an evaluator of H2020/HEU projects and community projects. He also gained experience with community projects as a researcher during his doctoral studies. He also deals with the communication and evaluation of science and research.

Hana Štěpánková graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. She spent her first professional years in accounting and financial management in the private sector, then worked for 4 years at Imperial College London in the Research Services department. After returning to the Czech Republic, she took care of the first Czech ERC project. She is the head of the Project Center at VŠCHT. In her work, she strives to have good relations with everyone, from researchers to colleagues in the project center.

Petra Vaculíková currently works as the head of the Project Support Center at the Faculty of Arts of the Palacký University in Olomouc, where she is responsible for the faculty's project strategy. She enjoys complex interdisciplinary projects in the humanities and social sciences. She has been involved in project management for 10 years, first in post-award positions as an administrator, later as a pre-award consultant for GAČR, TAČR, Norwegian Funds, etc., currently more as a research advisor in the pre-award phases of international projects with the label of excellence. She currently provides support to researchers mainly within Horizon projects (MSCA, ERC, Pillar II - especially cluster 2, widening calls). She has experience in the preparation and management of the Sinofon project (OPVVV, excellent research) and believes that cooperation and sharing are more than competition and competitiveness.

Michal Hojdekr is Vice-rector for development of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. He has very good organizational skills acquired when developing projects into sub-tasks, coordinating set tasks and leading a team during project implementation, as well as organizing and leading employees.

Michaela Ambrožová has been involved in project and financial management since 2009, when she joined the MU Rector's Office. In the framework of financial management, she began to gain experience on the EEA/Norway investment project for the reconstruction of the Jesuit campus in Telč (University Center Telč) and further in OP VK projects. She gradually moved from financial management to project management of university-wide OP VK and OP VVV projects. At the university-wide projects department, she participates in the implementation of 9 OP VVV projects in the total amount of more than 20 mil EUR.

Eva Dvořáková has more than 10 years of experience in the field of project management: complex project support of research teams, search and monitoring of grant calls, preparation and submission of project proposals (experience with GAČR, TAČR, Ministry of Education and Culture - OP VK, OP VaVpI, OP VVV, Inter- Excellence, MPO - TIP, TRIO, OP PIK, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, MoH of the Czech Republic, MoD of the Czech Republic, MK of the Czech Republic, H2020, MSCA, HORIZON EUROPE, INTERREG EUROPE, LIFE+, COSME, CORNET), administration, financial and personnel management of projects, contract negotiations, preparation of documents for public contracts. She works in Liberec at VÚTS, a.s.

Karolína Friessová is the manager of foreign projects at the VŠCHT Prague Project Center. She has been involved in project support since 2011. She has experience mainly with international programs (framework programs of the European Commission, Interreg CE, EEA and Norwegian funds), partially also with projects of national providers (GAČR, TAČR, MŠMT). For her work, she uses experience from her previous scientific career and two-year stay in Germany during her PhD. Currently, she is engaged in both the pre-award and post-award phase of projects. She is the PI of the project Office for the support of international projects and support for the integration of foreign researchers in the Czech Republic, expanded by the information platform for the support of innovations in the field of food (KOMPAS) awarded as part of the INTER-INFORM program of the MEYS.

Veronika Palečková currently holds the position of head of the Project Office of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, where she participates in the preparation of national and international research projects. She has held various positions in the field of science and research support since 2002. As part of her work in the office of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic and in the international cooperation department of the Office of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, she represented the Czech Republic in the steering committees of many international programs and groups. She thus had the opportunity to actively participate in project support at both sides - from providers and beneficiaries.

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